Fresno County CA Custom Fence Design, Repair
and Installation Services

Custom Fence Design, Repair and Installation Fresno County CA

Whether you are looking to secure your property or want to beautify it with a premium-looking fence, Fence Company Fresno County CA has got you covered! Be it a puppy park, fence for your tennis court, or baseball field, no matter what your requirements are, our professionals can help.
From fence installation to repair and maintenance, we do everything, and that’s why the residents call us the best fence company in Fresno. As the leaders in commercial and residential Fresno fencing, we take great pride in offering homeowners and businesses complete peace of mind.
We aren’t just limited to one material or two, but we fabricate fences from a range of materials, including wrought iron, wood, bamboo, and more. As your dedicated fence company in Fresno, we design the custom fence and offer top-notch fence solutions for your property to extend its security and utility.

Top Reasons to Choose Custom Fresno Fence Designed and Installed

 Fence Company Fresno  doesn’t just offer fence services, but we offer you the ultimate peace of mind and ensure you are satisfied with our services. We have a team of fence experts that can handle any type of fencing job, big or small. Also, our fence technicians don’t leave the site unless they are happy with the fence installed or repaired. Here are some perks of hiring us for fence-related services in Fresno.

Durability At Its Best

The fence that we fabricate and install is highly durable and built to last. We make use of premium-quality materials and cutting-edge tools to ensure the fence lasts for multiple years and requires minimum maintenance.

Custom Fence Solutions

We design the fence depending on the façade of your property. Our fence experts take proper measurements and then explain to you how we’ll be designing the custom fence. Any special requirements are welcome, and you can get the fence designed as you want.

A Range of Materials

A metal fence on your mind? Or do you want a beautiful wooden fence with huge doors? Fresno Fence Company has everything to offer. We make a fence in Fresno County, CA, using multiple materials. You can even ask us for the material you want, and we’ll build the fence for you.


We don’t claim to be the cheapest fence company in Fresno, but we promise to offer you affordable solutions. Whether you need fence installation, repair, or general maintenance services, you’ll find Fresno Fence Company prices highly competitive.

Why is Fresno Fence Company Different?

There are plenty of fence companies in Fresno County, why choose us? Well, we are more than a regular fence company, and our goal is to make our clients happy. Here are some reasons why Fresno Fence Company is different.

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Customer Testimonials

Fresno Fence Company is a Preferred Fence Repair/Maintained Company that’s the First Choice of Hundreds of Residents of Fresno. Here are Some Kind Words from Our Valuable Customers that Push Us to Achieve Excellence!


have any questions?

What type of fencing is available for customization?

At Fresno Fence Company, we can customize any type of fence depending on your needs. We can build dog fences, chain link fences, split rail fences, wood fences, garden gates, and more. Get in touch with us today to know more about our fence customization services in Fresno and its surroundings.

How long does it take to customize and install fencing in Fresno?

The total time taken in designing and customizing a fence depends on the material, design, and location where it is to be installed. Fresno Fence Company will quickly install the fence, so you don’t have to wait for long. We are the fence customization experts in the San Joaquin Valley.

What type of custom fence is perfect for my garden?

We will give you multiple options to choose from. If required, you can call us, and our experts will arrive at your house to give you suggestions and an on-site quote.

How long does a custom fence last?

The custom fence in Fresno fabricated in our facilities can last for years. Make sure to hire our experts for timely maintenance and repairs to make the fence last even longer.

Do you install gates with custom fencing?

Yes, we fabricate and install gates as well. However, you need to tell us about your requirements in detail, and we’ll create a quote based on that. Contact Us today to get a quick service quote.

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