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An All-in-one Fence Installation Company for Your Residential and Commercial Requirements

Fresno’s Fencing Experts Providing All Kinds of Fence and Gates Installation Services

When it comes to the best fence installation services in Fresno, the residents trust us! We are the fence installation experts that can install any type of fence and gates at affordable rates. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of fence services to help you with your project needs.

Get Fence Installation Services You Can Rely On

Why Choose Fresno Fence Company for Fence Installation Services

When you hire us for your fence installation needs, we ensure you get everything you expect from a professional company. We create a thorough plan starting by mapping your area, then fabricating a strong fence and installing it.

We are the Fence Experts

We are the fence experts in Fresno, and you’ll agree with it after assigning us the job. Our trained professionals install the fence and gates securely to the foundation, and you get ultimate security.

On-site Quotes

We know you want the fence to be installed quickly, so you don’t have to wait for a quote. Fresno Fence Company provides you with an on-site quote, and once you agree, we will start the process of installing the fence.

We are Affordable

Getting the best fence installed in Fresno doesn’t cost you an arm-and-a-leg. We offer affordable fencing solutions, and you can get it installed under your budget.

Types of Fence that Fresno Fence Company Can Install

You name the fence, and we’ll install it. Here are a few types of fences we install for our residential and commercial clients.
And the list goes on, get in touch with us today with your fence installation needs, and Fresno Fence Company will offer you the best and most affordable solutions.

Customer Testimonials

Fresno Fence Company is a Preferred Fence Repair/Maintained Company that’s the First Choice of Hundreds of Residents of Fresno. Here are Some Kind Words from Our Valuable Customers that Push Us to Achieve Excellence!


have any questions?

How do I estimate a fence job in Clovis?

You need to hire the best fence company in Clovis in order to get an estimate. The company will map the area to be covered and the fencing material you need to give you a detailed quote.

What is the cheapest fence to have installed?

It depends on the total area to be covered and the material you go for. As compared to other materials, PVC fencing costs the least.

How do I find the best fence contractor in Fresno?

Merely searching for the best fence company near me will not help you choose a reliable contractor. You need to ask the contractor about their experience and licenses in order to ensure they are perfect for the job.

Does Fresno Fence Company offer agricultural fencing?

Yes, you can hire Fresno Fence Company for agricultural fencing as well. Furthermore, we can handle any type of fencing job, no matter how small or big it is.

Can I get the existing garden fence removed and get a new installed?

Yes, you can hire a Fresno fencing expert that removes the existing fence and then installs a new fence in its place. Get everything mentioned in the quote to have a hassle-free experience.

How long does it take to put up a wooden fence?

In most cases, putting up a wooden fence can take around 1-2 days. However, several factors influence the overall time, including the size of the fence and the permits required.

Fresno Fence Company has been servicing Fresno County for years, and the residents choose us for all types of fence installation. Click on the Contact Us button and get a detailed quote today.

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