Madera County CA Fence Design, Repair and Installation Services

We Bring Your Space to Life with Our Custom Fence in Madera County, CA

Fence Company Fresno offers a wide range of budget fencing services, including fence installation, repair, and custom fence design, to the residents of Madera, CA. Our company specializes in transforming your outdoors, making them safer and more private. No matter the type of fence you need, we have the best solutions to offer at affordable rates.

In addition, we very well understand the landscape of Madera and design the fence accordingly so that it lasts longer. From fencing tennis courts to pools and gardens, we can fence any area you want. We pride ourselves on being one of the best fencing contractors in Madera County area and are always ready to fulfill your commercial and residential requirements.

Top Reasons to Choose Custom Madera Custom Fence Designed and Installed

Whenever you choose Fence Company Fresno, you choose quality, a top-notch service experience, best-in-class quality, and more. We make sure you get the best value for money, and our expert technicians strive to deliver you with it.

Designed for You

Every fence that rolls out of our fabrication shop is designed and fabricated according to our client’s needs. We arrive at the site and understand your needs and customize a fence based on that.

Always There for You

Fence Company Fresno is always there when you need it. Need some help with the newly-installed fence? Need repair and maintenance services for the fence? Just give us a call, and we’ll be there to serve you.

Guaranteed Durability

We understand that the fence should be durable, and we do everything to make it last longer. We source materials from the finest metal fabricators and use the latest machines to fabricate fences so that they can withstand the tests of time.

Competitive Pricing

At Fence Company Fresno, we have kept the service prices reasonable, so you can get a good-quality fence installed under your budget. We even provide on-site quotes, therefore, you don’t have to wait.

The Right Fencing Solutions You Need

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Customer Testimonials

Fence Company Fresno is a Preferred Fence installation Company that’s the First Choice of Hundreds of Residents of Madera County CA. Here are Some Kind Words from Our Valuable Customers that Push Us to Achieve Excellence!


have any questions?

What type of fencing is available for customization?

At Madera Fence Company, we can customize any type of fence depending on your needs. We can build dog fences, chain link fences, split rail fences, wood fences, garden gates, and more. Get in touch with us today to know more about our fence customization services in Madera and its surroundings.

How long does it take to customize and install fencing in Madera?

The total time taken in designing and customizing a fence depends on the material, design, and location where it is to be installed. Madera Fence Company will quickly install the fence, so you don’t have to wait for long. We are the fence customization experts in the San Joaquin Valley.

What type of custom fence is perfect for my garden?

We will give you multiple options to choose from. If required, you can call us, and our experts will arrive at your house to give you suggestions and an on-site quote.

How long does a custom fence last?

The custom fence in Madera fabricated in our facilities can last for years. Make sure to hire our experts for timely maintenance and repairs to make the fence last even longer.

Do you install gates with custom fencing?

Yes, we fabricate and install gates as well. However, you need to tell us about your requirements in detail, and we’ll create a quote based on that. Contact Us today to get a quick service quote.

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